Supporting Your Child Y3/4

All children have access to a wide variety of books. Children have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice for reading for pleasure and will be provided with a book or text levelled at their ability for their Guided Reading group. Parents can support their children’s learning through reading with them every day, taking children to the local library to read about our themes, and by practising maths with them.

Guided Reading:  Most Guided Reading in Y3/4 uses a particular text or chapter book that each group will use as a focus.  They will read with a teacher once a week in their group and be set a homework task relating to the book to complete for their next reading session with the teacher.  The homework will be written into their reading homework book and should also be completed in this same book.  (The day that the children read with their teacher will vary depending on their groups.   If they cannot tell you their day, please see your class teacher.)

Wider Reading:  The children have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice from either the school or their class library to encourage reading for pleasure and to strengthen their reading skills.  (They can, of course, bring a book from home for free reading in school but it is their responsibility not to lose it!)  You can support your child’s learning by reading with and to them as often as possible and using a variety of texts, including magazines, comics and auditory texts.  In Y3/4, your child will also be given the opportunity to join the town library if they are not already a member and will have the opportunity to visit the library every term.

Other Homework:  Little, often and fun is the key!  Especially for core knowledge of spellings and retention of basic number facts.  See the table on the Y3/4 page for how often this homework is set but we encourage all parents to routinely practise with their children.

Please remember, if you need help or ideas on how to support your child with their homework, please see your child’s teacher who will be happy to help.


Please note, all children have a Times Tables Rock Stars Account and should be using the resources to practise their tables.  Where children cannot access the website from home, they can evidence practising their tables at home on paper to bring in and share with their teacher.

Useful websites

Prodigy Maths 

Times Tables Rock Stars

Maths games and practice:

BBC Bitesize Maths for the 2014 curriculum including games and clips to explain:

Tables Practice (Evaluation versions that are free to play online):

Maths and English games:

Spelling and Grammar: