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New Maths Targets

Posted 14/11/2016

The new maths targets for this half term are:

Year 3/4 Maths Targets Autumn ii

Target 1 – 6 x table (wb 14/11 for x4 weeks)

                7x table (wb 12/12 for 5 weeks)

Target 2 – Doubling and halving

Bronze – count on and back in 6s to and from 72

Bronze – To double and halve whole numbers to 10 (Double 1 is 2, Double 2 is 4 etc)

Silver – Quick fire recall of multiplication facts, i.e. 7 x 6 = 42

Silver – To double and halve whole numbers to 50. (Double 23 is 46, double 49 is 98)

Gold – Quick fire recall of division facts involving 6 x table plus use of multiplication and division facts to complete related calculations (Fact Families), i.e. knowing that if 7 x 6 = 42 then 70 x 6 = 420

Gold – To double and halve any decimal number (1dp) to 50.  (Double 23.4 is 46.8, double 49.2 is 98.4)

If you need any help with how to support your child's learning of the targets, please speak to your class teacher.

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