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Y3/4 go Locomotion!

Posted 8/12/2017

On Tuesday, all of Y3/4 went to the National Railway Museum in York.  We saw many different trains like The Rocket which was built by George Stephenson.  Firstly, we all had a ride on the Miniature Railway, which was fun but a bit slow!  We saw 3 science shows, the first one was called Rocket to Bullet and it had experiments about how trains were built and how they move.  Soon after we had our delicious lunches we went to the second show called Need for Speed which was all about how trains have got faster over the years.  The third show was the best, the man presenting it was very funny and he taught us all how bridges are made and why they don’t fall down!  We had a good time exploring the museum and going in to some trains and even underneath one!  We saw the Royal train which even had its own bathroom and bedroom!

By Seren, Max and Sophia. 

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